For Employers

We help your organization deal with complex situations involving employee benefits. The increasing number of federal and state regulations surrounding employee benefits can feel overwhelming to even the most seasoned HR professional. When you partner with JBC Pros, you gain access to a team of dedicated experts with decades of employee benefit compliance experience. We monitor state and federal legislation to help employers stay up-to-date with new requirements that impact their employee benefits, mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. We are here to help.

For Advisors

Our Advisor Compliance Solution (ACS) is a monthly subscription program that allows small-to-medium size employee benefit agencies access to compliance expertise that is needed to service their clients and grow their book of business. Compliance is a key part of retaining key accounts and winning new business. As part of the program, we conduct an initial Compliance Assessment for your new clients that can be used as a marketing tool to attract and win larger groups.

The goal of our program is to reduce your overhead, reduce your risk of E&O claims, help you retain key accounts, win new business and improve your agency’s overall efficiency. Let us increase your compliance capabilities across your organization.



Advisors and Account Managers responsible
for spending time researching and advising
on compliance related issues

Increase efficiency and profitability through
a trusted partnership

Fragmented knowledge

Expertise that can be used as both a
retention and prospecting tool

Reactive and disorganized
approach to compliance

Proactive, efficient,
comprehensive solution

Potential risks of
E&O claims

Outsource risk